Short Stories that Boost Kids’ Writing Skills

If there’s one thing that allows kids to enjoy reading and writing, that would be telling them stories. Storytelling gives them the ideas to use when they start crafting their own narratives, and oftentimes they infuse these with insights that they garner from exposure to other activities and environments.

But it is also important to keep in mind that kids have a relatively short attention span, so it is ideal to give tell them stories that are quick and easy to digest. This way, they absorb ideas faster they remember details better, as these reflect when they are asked to sit down and write.

Among the English composition examples under the short story category that can be used in improving kids’ writing skills are the following:

  1. Tony’s Hard Work Day by James Stevenson

This is a short story about nine-year-old Tony, who had thought about building his own house after his family members were too preoccupied to play with him. It is a simple yet useful reference for young writers because it narrates Tony’s activities on a step-by-step approach, while at the same time it makes use of adjectives to spice up the seemingly boring flow of events.

Kids may refer to this story as a way to improve their chronology when writing compositions, because it is easy to follow and makes use of words that are relatable and easy to visualize.

  1. Winter Magic by Eveline Hasler

Winter Magic is another short story that is recommended for children who are keen in improving their way of describing the environment settings in their narratives. It tells a story about Peter and his cat Sebastian, who snuck out one night to explore the beauty of winter. Readers would feel the chill of the snow, and the decorative styles of icicles that served as adornments in the places the main characters visited.

Describing the surroundings of the place being tackled in a narrative is very important because it is where a writer positions the characters and events in his or her story. Being able to master this lesson in creative writing is also a big deal for children, as they are always eager to make their audiences see their stories in almost the same way they visualize them.

  1. The Big Orange Splot by Daniel Manus Pinkwater

The Big Orange Splot is a short story by Daniel Manus Pinkwater, which talks about a house that’s supposed to look like every other home in the neighborhood, except that it has an orange splash on its roof. While the events in this story are hilarious, it also weaves a tale on how a community gathers together when surprises come their way, and how they deal with these surprises.

Kids would learn a lot of writing techniques from this English composition example, mainly because it offers ways to utilize adjectives and adverbs to make situation seem funny, create steps to describe the timeline of the story until it reaches a conclusion, and the means to describe the past, present, and the future without getting into trouble with using the right tenses.