Project Management For Small Businesses

Project management has long been popular in larger corporate structures as a way of keeping teams “agile” and minimizing waste. While there is excess overhead in training and payment of the manager class or a corporation, there are many ways to employ project management infrastructures to small businesses that do not rely on a surplus of extra positions.

Firstly, small projects may well be managed by an individual who is also the only team member working on the project. Making sure to track common project management constraints such as scope, time, quality, and budget can be even more beneficial when working on very small teams, as there are less eyes “on” the project. Making sure to track back and relate actions back to the final quality and scope required of the project can help to minimize waste and execute critical business functions more quickly. These are crucial in small businesses that are often trying to get off the ground and running.

Secondly, small businesses often do not have as specialized of workers. Many team members in small businesses perform a variety of roles and are “jack of all trades.” With less formalized roles and educational paths, project management frameworks can provide a common language for team members to talk objectively about projects at hand. Additionally, project management can be applied to skill improvement initiatives. Skill improvement in small businesses often does not have the benefit of HR or corporate training like in large enterprises and can be exceedingly hard to track (or employ at all). Yet, just as much as large businesses, small businesses must continually seek to improve employee skills to stay relevant.

Finally, training for project management can be cost effective, and you don’t need someone with the designated role of project manager to decide on training resources. Providing a wide variety of training tools, from in-person courses to self-paced online tutorials is the likeliest method for spreading project managment knowledge through your small organization. For a good run down of over 60 online learning opportunities in project management. Check out this write up by the organization known as ProjectManagementDegrees.