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Reaching a large audience with your items and services that you might want to sell, purchase, or barter is easy with classified advertising on our Website. Since publishers often regulate classified advertising fees by the number of words, the secret to posting an effective ad is to deliver your idea as succinctly as you can.

How much cost of a Classified Ad?

Evaluate the publication’s advertising pricing by visiting the online advertising page or by contacting the firm. Classified ad rates are set by the word in publications so you may estimate the cost of your ad before you pay. A typical cost structure can include a set fee for the first 25 words or fewer and a per-word fee for each additional word. For instance, running a 25-word advertisement for a week may cost $10 + 10 cents for additional words. Therefore, a 50-word advertisement would cost $10 + $2.50 for the next 25 words, for a total of $12.50.

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Some Tips for Classified Ad

  1. When selling an item like a vehicle, use attention-grabbing, descriptive terms like “new” or “excellent condition” in your written ad. Include every aspect of the product’s design, color, and characteristics that you believe will help it sell. Include a contact phone number (either an email address or telephone number).
  2. Choose whether or not to mention the item’s price in the advertisement. Giving the pricing upfront will dissuade many casual calls from only asking about the price. However, omitting the price can encourage more prospective buyers to call.
  3. Count the words in your advertisement and remove those that are extraneous.
  4. You may either put your ad into the publication’s online form or give them a call to place it over the phone. To pay for these services, a credit card is required. You can also bring your advertisement to the publication’s offices and make a cash or credit card payment there. Make sure to indicate how long you want the advertisement to be published.

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