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Definition of Transducer and Sensor

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Hello engineers! Welcome to our today’s title “Definition Of Transducer And Sensor”. In today’s article, we will define transducers and sensors and give two examples. Let’s get started.

What is a Transducer?

A device that converts one energy into another is called a transducer.

The Transducer Electronic instrumentation system consists of a number of measuring, control, and recording devices. These devices work through electrical signals. But many times non-electrical properties need to be measured and recorded. For example, in the case of measurement of temperature, pressure, displacement, force, etc., these quantities have to be converted into electrical signals first. And for this, some sensing devices or sensors are used. These sensors are being used in almost every case of modern electronic devices.

That is, the energy in the instrumentation system has to be constantly converted from one state to another. And the necessary device used for this is the transducer.

Thus, a transducer is a type of device that can convert energy from one state to another. Now you may ask, what is an electrical transducer? Very common question. Transducers that convert any non-electrical energy into electrical energy are called electrical transducers.

These electrical transducers operate mainly on the basis of changes in resistance, capacitance, and inductance. And depending on this change one is called; Resistive, some capacitive, and some inductive transducer.

Apart from that, there are some transducers that generate electrical signals by themselves and are called active transducers. Microphones, thermistors, thermocouples, photocells, LVDT, RTD, etc. are examples of transducers. Below are pictures of some of the transducers for ease of understanding.


What is a Sensor?

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The element that responds to the obsession with a physical quantity is called a sensor.

That is, devices that can detect changes in their physical, chemical, or biological state or conditions are called sensors. All these conditions are used in the input of the sensor. Sensors are also called transducers. Because this device converts one type of energy into another type of energy.

Examples of some sensors are photodiodes, phototransistors, ultrasonic sensors, temperature sensors, etc.

Ultrasonic sensor
Temperature sensor

Temperature sensor

The sensors have two functions, namely-

  1. Detect the presence of physical quantity and determine the amount of change.
  2. Generating electrical signals proportional to the input.

Today we know, Definition of a Transducer and Sensor. what is a transducer? And an example of this is what is a sensor. And his example. So far today. If you like the article, you can share it with your friends. Thanks.

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